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Html tags


Level 1 Head

Level 2 Head

Level 3 Head

Level 4 Head

Level 5 Head
Level 6 Head


Text in one paragraph.Text in another paragraph.

Text before a break.
text after a break.

Preformatted text:
  Indented line
    Further indented line

A Blockquote:
HTML is one of three fundamental concepts on which the WWW rests. (The other two are the HTTP protocol and the URL addressing/naming scheme.) Consequently, it is important to understand not just how to use HTML but also its role within the web, its capabilities and limitations, and possible future directions it may take.

A Horizontal Rule:


An unorderd list:
  • item 1
  • item 1
  • item 1
An ordered list:
  1. item 1
  2. item 1
  3. item 1
A definition list:
term 1
defn 1
term 2
defn 2
term 3
defn 3
A nested list:
  • term 1
    • term a
    • term b
  • term 2
    • term a
    • term b
A menu list:
  • anchor 1

  • anchor 2

  • anchor 3

  • A directory: anchor 1 anchor 2 anchor 3


    definition font

    emphasis font

    strong emphasis font

    citation font

    keyboard font

    computer code font

    sample computer output font

    address font

    bold font

    italics font

    typewriter font


    Class notes on HTML

    Anchor to a point within a file

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